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    Used Trucks in Edmonton

    Driving a pickup truck is the dream of many of those who love exploring and navigating through all types of challenging terrain.

    Whether you’re on a bumpy dirt road, uneven field, or a rugged mountain, you can drive right through it quickly with a pickup truck.

    Not only are truck engines powerful enough for driving through all types of terrain, but they also are capable of hauling large amounts of weight for recreational or work purposes.

    Are Pre-owned trucks the best option?

    The benefits of driving a solid and powerful truck are clear, so let’s talk about the benefits of acquiring one that is pre-owned.

    Trucks are known for being heavy-duty vehicles. You can drive them for years, but their excellent resistance will keep them as sturdy as the first day.

    Getting a pre-owned truck will let you drive a high-quality vehicle and perform just as well as a new one, with the benefit of not breaking the bank.

    Another advantage is that used vehicles have already taken most of the depreciation hit to their price over the years. This means that you won’t lose too much money on your investment when you retire your pre-owned truck.

    Finance your pre-owned Truck at House of Cars Edmonton

    At House of Cars Edmonton, we find the best trucks available in the pre-owned vehicle market.

    We understand that everyone has different transportation and financial needs, so we offer the most competitive prices and financial plans.

    We know that financial setbacks can happen, so we approve both good and bad credit. Our financial advisors will plan with you, listen to your needs and create a plan that’s catered to them.

    We pride ourselves on our processes being quick and easy. To start, follow these four simple steps:

    1. Fill out our secure finance application form online
    2. Our specialists will follow up with you as soon as possible.
    3. In the meantime, browse our extensive catalogue of pre-owned trucks and start thinking about options you are interested in.
    4. We will schedule your meeting, explain all necessary procedures to you, and prepare for your arrival.

    When you walk into our dealership, be prepared to walk out with a truck that speaks to you and a deal that will let you sleep soundly at night.

    Click here to start our easy financing process and drive the truck of your dreams!

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